Thursday, March 14, 2013

She can ...


I hold to this.  Firmly.

HANNAH ITASCA COUNTY FAIR with chuck and humter 041a 

With a little help and insistence we got her on that pony. It has been years since she's been on a horse.  She loves them, but somewhere along the way she became afraid to ride them. No. Nothing happened to frighten her. Not that I am aware of. Not in my care. The hardest part was keeping her from running away before we ever even got close to the pony. I'd taken her the night before just to watch. This time we were going to "do" before she had too much time to think about it. Isn't that so true for most of us, we think too much, talk ourselves out of taking those first steps towards something, a fear perhaps we should face? Our friend asked if I wanted him to walk along side her as she rode, I said no. We show her what to hold on to and once the pony starts moving and we see she's alright we step back. We did. And she was. Now I wish I'd have gotten the shot of her smiling while riding. We both were. She was proud. She knew what she'd just accomplished. I was proud. I knew it too. It happens that way for Hannah.  Whether it's a horse, or a room, or a door, she's fine riding or going through,and then suddenly she won't.  It takes time, encouragement, patience and perseverance, holding fast to the expectation that she can.  Sometimes it requires a little creativity, but we get there, one way or another we get there. And usually in her own time.  : ) As always, she gives me pause for thought ... Where am I not stepping forward in my life, what fears am I not facing?     

One Love. One Peace. Always and all ways.

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